M.L. Moran

Pavel Kolar’s Centre of Physical Medicine

Energy, Mníšek pod brdy

Strašnice Residence

Hair Salon

Moss walls are a perfect way to enhance space with unique natural art. Preserved moss retains its delicate texture, intricate natural details, and vibrant colors.

Floor shop Soliter Parket

The beautiful mossy artwork and magnificent moss wall perfected the new Soliter Parket flooring store, created under the guidance of the renowned OOOOX studio. Nature brought indoors, pleasing the eye regardless of the season.

Derma body clinic

The moss wall has enlivened the interior spaces of the Derma Body Clinic aesthetic clinic in Prague. The mosses indoors contribute to the overall pleasant atmosphere of this place.


We all know how much time we spend at work, which is why it's so important to feel good there. Moss walls can contribute to a sense of calm and relaxation even in demanding work situations, as you can see in this year's exceptional project at the new headquarters of the Media Bohemia media group, where moss walls were installed on the ceiling and columns. The investor's intention was to create a beautiful and calming interior, which, according to the feedback from employees and visitors, was more than successful.

Veterinary surgery

Moss artworks meet strict hygiene standards for work environments and limits for residential spaces. You can purchase ready-made moss pictures or moss kits, from which you can create artistic works according to your imagination, as you can see in this impressive project.