M.L. Moran

Pavel Kolar’s Centre of Physical Medicine

Energy, Mníšek pod brdy

Strašnice Residence


With the moss logo, you can easily, quickly and stylishly enliven your showroom or office. The sight of fresh, velvety green mossy areas induces a beneficial feeling of well-being and peace.

Apartment Prague - Strašnice

With moss art piece, you can easily, quickly and stylishly enliven the space above the dining table. There are no limits to imagination. The owners of this painting had clear vision of how they would like, the art piece to look and after communicating with our florist, we turned their vision into reality.

Barber shop CHARAKTER

Exceptional realization of the moss wall in the barber shop. The contrast of strong men with the delicacy of the green moss wall creates an unforgettable experience.

Family home Kolovraty

Moss art above the staircase in this family home in Kolovraty brought a piece of nature into this space. It is a great element that will attract the eye of any visitor and at the same time give our home a personal look.

Apartment Prague Holešovice

Moss and the Imitation of concrete polished plaster is a combination that simply never gets old.