Natural beauty

Materialise your colourful imagination, absorb the calmness and soak in the energy from just looking at a wall - that is the philosophy behind our Vertical Cascade Gardens. Cascade gardens will allow you to enrich your home and bring nature into your work environment. Design, simplicity, reliability, maintainability, aesthetics  - those are the main advantages of our Cascade Gardens.
Němec – Luxury Finishes are on the market for over 20 years. We specialise in manufacture, supply and installation of living walls. Since 2011 we have installed over 1500 m2 in the The Czech Republic and carried out various projects abroad. Based on our extensive experience we recently designed and patented a new generation of living walls called – Cascade Gardens.

properties of the cascade gardens

Smart thing to have

The new patented system of Němec Cascade Garden allows simple and reliable installation wherever you like

Green is the new black!

Fresh Cascade Gardens reflect to the current eco trend in architecture and lifestyle.


Green cascade gardens proved that they have a very positive influence on the air quality and freshness and also on the psychical contentment


You can trust Cascade Gardens! Thanks to the unique technology and the patented system, we can offer you unbeatable 10 year warranty for gardens installed by our company


You are unique and that is why each Cascade Garden is the original piece. We always create according to your visions and possibilities
Czech Made

Czech made

We are proud that Němec Cascade garden is exclusively czech product. We are doing our very best to transfer this czech patent to the foreign markets and so spread a good name and creative ghost of czech companies abroad


Be inspired by the beautiful realizations and projects, that our company already made. We strongly believe that you will find inspiration for your dream.